Metabolic Nutrition System

How it works!

The Metabolic Nutrition System (MNS) is an advanced approach to better weight management and healthy living. MNS® E includes five key components to help you reach your peak level of health.* This convenient and complete system addresses your energy levels, core nutrition, and appetite control with leading science that is proven and effective.* A sustained boost in energy enhances mood and sense of well being, and it also supports the body’s ability to burn more calories.* MNS® E features a proprietary blend of botanical extracts and nutrients designed to "rev up" metabolism. One of these eingredients, oolong tea, is an important reason behind the efficacy of MNS® E. But most importantly, it is the synergistic blends and scientifically proportional amounts of ingredients used in MNS® E that make it an exceptional solution for weight management.*

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MNS® E   Metabolic Nutrition Energy
MNS® E Metabolic Nutrition Energy
Price: $43.95

Included in every strip pack of MNS® E:

Before Breakfast Color Packet
Metabolic Enhancer – 2 caplets
Thermo P – 2 caplets
ProBiotic Restore™ ULTRA – 1 capsule

Before Lunch Color Packet
Metabolic Enhancer – 2 caplets
Thermo P – 2 caplets

White Packet
CorePlex® – 3 caplets

White Packet
OmegaPlex® – 1 softgel